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Wednesday, 10 Feb 2016

Iraq - Oil and gas projects (HVO IRQ-10)

We are focusing on supply chain opportunities with major international oil companies in Southern Iraq. Opportunities are around the Rumaila and Majnoon oil fields and the Basra Gas project.

Rumaila is a giant (estimated 16 billion barrel reserves) oil field located in Southern Iraq approx. 20 km from the Kuwait border.  The field makes up around 40% of Iraq oil production and there around 200 wells operating at Rumaila.  In 2010 the field was producing around 1 million barrels of oil a day and BP and CNPC intend to raise the production to 2.85 million barrels a day within the next 5 years.  Once reached Rumaila will be the second largest oil field in the World after Ghawar in Saudi Arabia.

BP & CNPC are investing circa $15 billion over 5 years to develop this field and increase production.  Particular areas of interest include operations, projects, sub-surface, well services, environmental & training.

Activities are focussed on further developing the UK supply chain through targeted events such as share fairs.

High Value Opportunities (HVO) Programme

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Opportunity Type: Major Projects

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